The path of obedience, the journey to Uganda.


Jarid & Staci: Sept 22, 2001

As we near the end of September we would like to update you on our journey, and how God is preparing us for Uganda.  Before we get into all of that, we praise God this week for the gift of 15 years of marriage.  On Thursday we celebrated this day that that has come upon us so quickly.  It’s hard to believe how fast time has gone to arrive at this milestone, and even more unbelievable how God has worked in our lives over that time.  We are very different people today than we were 15 years ago, and surely it is the work of the Lord.  I thank God for this woman that I love, my perfect help, designed and created specifically for me.  How humbling it is to know that God loved me enough to send her into my life and to sanctify us for His purpose.

While we celebrate the anniversary, we obviously have many things yet to accomplish.  To begin, would you continue to pray that our home would sell, and at a reasonable price?  As we lift this up in prayer, we also pray that God would bring the right family that would find value in this home and be blessed by it.  The sale of the home is obviously an important step to financially free us up to move.

Next, I continue to work through the transition of leadership in the family company.  It is vitally important to me to leave a testimony as we exit, and to properly prepare the company to continue in its success as I leave.  We have all the right team members in place to accomplish that goal.  I would ask that you  join us in praying for wisdom in the way that I handle this transition so that God would be glorified during this difficult time.  I also need prayer specifically in regards to my pride, that I would be humble enough to know that this isn’t about me or what I have accomplished, but what God will accomplish.  Help me to see how God is working in the lives of those who witness and participate in this process.

While transitioning out of my current employment is important, it is equally important that we work on transitioning into the role of an interim pastor and administrative leader in Uganda.  As a part of this transition, I have started the process of licensure with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) to become a licensed Christian Worker.  I believe that this call to Uganda will result in a permanent transition to full time ministry, and I have listened to the council of many wise men who have advised me to seek the structure and credential supported by licensure.  If you would, please pray that this process brings wisdom from the fellowship of Godly men who seek His will.


Colorado Springs 09/02/16

Speaking of transition, we were blessed to attend leadership and transitional training in Colorado Springs over Labor Day.  This training was offered to leaders of New Hope Uganda who are currently on this side of the ocean, and this included one of the founders and his wife.  We talked about the different personalities in leadership, and how they complement each other.  We were able to spend some tim
e getting to know each other better, and we also talked about the transition that New Hope is currently experiencing due to their tremendous growth.  I couldn’t help but to think of Ephesians chapter 4, and how God gave some for many different positions in ministry.  We all sharpen each other and mature to fullness of the stature of Christ, not lacking in anything.  The p
oint of all of this is that we would be steadfast and united to one purpose, not easily swayed by the circumstances or trials that seek to draw our attention away from Christ.

During our trip to Colorado we were also able to stop at several churches and share our story and mission.  We find that time is passing quickly, and it is time to start garnering financial support for this cause.  We were humbled to see the response of pastors and congregations.  I have been overwhelmed with the challenge to change from being a self-made man who asks for help from no one, to being a God-made man that relies on His abundant provision.

Today, our most pressing physical need is that of monthly support.  Although I am still employed and earning a good wage, transitioning out requires financial support.  At this point we have raised approximately 25% of our goal for monthly support.  Will you prayerfully consider being a sender and participating in this way?  While we also need those one-time gifts that will help to build a home, purchase a vehicle, provide for travel, and attend our training, it is more important to us to see that our ministry will be sustained in the long run by monthly support.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in what God is doing in Uganda.  We pray that God would meet you where you are, and challenge you to share the light that has been placed inside of all those who believe and call on the name of the Lord.  He is sufficient for us in every way, and even though we may face the dark things of this world, He has such greater things in store for us that we cannot imagine.  We have been made free to abandon this world for His purpose to the glory of God.[subscribe-by-email-form autopt=”true”]

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