Musana Camps: Video

As we prepare to serve at Musana Camps, the camp director has put together a video to help explain the story of Musana Camps, and why there is such a need for additional support.  The video was designed to inform those who will be attending our annual Giving Thanks Banquet at Evangelical Bible Church (EBC).  We found the video to be such a blessing that we couldn’t help but to post it here for those who will not be in Dickinson for this event.  If you will be attending the banquet on November 12th at EBC, you get a sneak peek!

Please take the time to watch the video, and thanks for your prayerful support of this ministry.  As we approach our time to leave, we are in need of monthly support to sustain us as we shut down our lives here and prepare for our new normal.  Gifts of any size are a blessing to the ministry, and we only ask that you would seek God’s guidance on this.  Instructions for monthly support are found on the Donate tab on this page.

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4 thoughts on “Musana Camps: Video

    • Thanks for the request, and for your prayers. First of all, for unity in our family (and extended family) as each of us recognizes the things that we will give up in the process of moving. Of course for health, both this side of the ocean and the other. For logistics as we are about to embark on a fundraising and good-bye tour that will lead us through 11 states.

      We have an open prayer list ourselves, and we would welcome ways that we could pray for you and how God is currently active in you life. Please let us know here, or at The church is edified as the saints share their trials and triumphs in the Lord!


  1. I will be in prayer for your ministry-It certainly is a very big thing we can do in this trying time- in fact , that is the ministry He has given me.(to pray for our missionaries at our Church in California).


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