Kanyike Family Training

As we are in our final stages of preparation to move to Uganda, we are still needing to raise additional support for both our start-up expenses and our monthly living expenses.  However, I am writing to submit to you the needs of some of our co-workers.

Our family mission statement in moving to Uganda is “Establishing Ugandan leaders to disciple the next generation in Biblical manhood and womanhood.”  With that mission statement in mind, one of our objectives will be to help the existing staff to explore their spiritual gifts so as to best utilize the tools that God has granted to the Kingdom work at Musana.


Medi, Eva, Jesse, and Eden Kanyike with the Team Sinkler

This work has already started in Musana under the leadership of Camp Director Syd Sparks.  One Ugandan family in particular, the Kanyikes have answered the call to ministry at Musana.  While the rapid growth of camp has required Medi to contribute in many ways, his heart is for camp program.  With prayerful insight and wisdom, the Kanyikes were sent to the United States where they are currently in training at the LTD (Leadership, Training, Development) program at Camp Forest Springs in Wisconsin.

While they have obviously raised the funds to get here and get started on their training, they are still in need of support to complete the training and get home.  They currently need $5250 for tuition, fees, and their room at Camp Forest Springs.  In addition, they will still need approximately $3000 for their one-way tickets back home.

Selfishly, it is hard to ask for help for the Kanyikes when we are still needing support of our own.  On the other hand, we desire for the Kanyikes to gain further education in line with their gifts and heart for camp program.  We see this training as an investment in the community of Musana, and in the goal of discipling the young men and women of this rural area of Uganda in biblical manhood and womanhood.  Would you consider, or share this post with others who might consider helping to complete this important training for the Kanyike family?

To donate to the Kanyike family online:

  1. Click on New Hope’s Online Donation Site
  2. Skip past Sponsorship, and select an entry for the “Other Gift Amount”
  3. Specify if this is a one time gift, or if you’d like it to be recurring until the Kanyikes travel home in September of 2017.
  4. Under additional information, type in Kanyike Family LTD Training to specify where the funds will go.
  5. Complete the confirmation information and click submit.

To donate to the Kanyike family by mail:

  1. Leave the memo line blank
  2. Make checks payable to New Hope Uganda Ministries
  3. Include a slip of paper requesting the funds be directed to “Kanyike Family LTD Training”
  4. Mail checks to:

New Hope Uganda Ministries

PO Box 154

Belle Fourche, SD  57717

Please forward the email from your inbox to as many as you think might respond to such an invitation to contribute to God’s work in the Musana Community.  Support for the Kanyikes is certainly support for us, and for the mission of discipling the next generation of Ugandans in Biblical manhood and womanhood.

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One thought on “Kanyike Family Training

  1. I am hoping to meet with our missions committee soon to talk about Christmas gifts. I will bring this up to ask if we might consider a donation to their need. Thanks for making me aware as I want to consider a year-end gift as well.

    Pastor Tim


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