Christmas Thanks and Support Update

On this Christmas Eve, we’d like to take time to give thanks for all the workings of God in our path to missionary work.  We’d especially like to take the time to thank all of our supporters for helping us along the way.  We have humbly benefited from the outpouring of support from brothers and sisters in Christ from all parts of the country.  We have received your prayers, your financial contributions, and open doors to your families and homes.  We have received the benefit of deepened relationships, and know that we will also receive gifts according to the blessings with which you have been called to share.  Thank you so much for being willing to share in this journey with us.  It is so amazing to see the many parts of the body of Christ uniting in the work of glorifying Him, and it’s wonderful to see the truth of the gospel that the disciples of Christ would be known by the love they have for one another.

As we have travelled the country, we want to let our financial supporters know that contributions toward our mission have not been touched.  By the generosity of the people of my family company we continue to receive a paycheck through their donation of paid time off.  It is our hope that we will be able to continue on those wages until we depart for Uganda so that the support we raise will be used as we start our life overseas.

We wanted to provide an update on our current support, and remaining need.  We celebrate God’s amazing provision!

We are currently receiving approximately $3100 of monthly support, with $1400 left to achieve our target of $4500 per month.  It’s hard to nail down a number, since each month varies from the next.  Until we start in Uganda, those monthly funds are being ‘banked’ in our New Hope Uganda Ministries account.  Of the total monthly contribution, 7% goes to the administration of New Hope Uganda Ministries.  This helps with member care, support for children in Uganda, and for some of our great team members in the Unites States that help to support us.  Our monthly support goes to our living expenses, including things like health and life insurance.  We budget some of the monthly support for future travel home for furloughs, or in case of any kind of family emergency.  We also budget ahead, anticipating that we will have fluctuations in support over time.

Sinkler Home in Uganda

For our start-up costs, we have raised $63,000, at which we are truly humbled.  This total means that we have already raised the support needed for our home that we will move into on February 12th (Praise God!!).  We can also start applying this toward our training in Uganda.  We will be attending the New Hope Institute for five months where we will be trained in African culture, Biblical application in that context, and language training in Luganda.  We were also able to cover the import taxes on our bicycles, 4 wheeler, and homeschool supplies that were shipped to Uganda ahead of us.  Our target is to reach a total of $97,000 for our travel expenses, the purchase of our home, our training, and our vehicle.

We rejoice in the Lord for the generosity of the saints and those who have felt led to give.  Our only remaining hurdle is the sale of our home, which we trust that the Lord will take care of as He continues to remain faithful to us in all ways.

This Christmas I cannot escape the thought of what Christ gave up in order to come and live a life on earth, denying His rightful place.  He left the very throne of God to humble Himself and become a man.  As if that wasn’t humbling enough, He died the worst of all deaths, rejected by those He came to save.  He did this for us because His love for us is so great, not because of anything that we accomplished for Him.  In response to that love, He asks for obedience to His calling and a life set apart to Him.  With His example of obedience to the Father, we are committed in obedience to Him.  We are blessed to find this true of all those who are saved by the grace of God’s gift which was sent to us at Christmas.  Thanks for being God’s gift to us.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Thanks and Support Update

  1. Praying and trusting our God will supply all of your needs! You are moving into a lovely home that I ma sure will bless your family! Looking forwardt o meeting you when Im a in Uganda visiting, next November!


  2. Love reading the updates! I think it is so great that you all are being so transparent about your finances. Blessings on the rest of your journey! I feel honored that my family gets to see you all before you leave the country. 🙂


  3. Glad to hear how the Lord is providing for you and your family. He is a gracious God. May His greatest Gift bring you great joy as you celebrate His birth.
    In Christ


  4. Thanks for your update and safe travels. I know your time is getting closer to leaving for Uganda and don’t know how the selling of your house is going. Perhaps you already are aware of this but did you know you can do a Limited Power of Attorney and you could appoint someone to sign papers at your house closing on your behalf (only know this because I work at a law firm!).
    I have another book for you that I want to be sure to give to your family before you leave.
    Appreciate so much hearing your update. Trust you are journaling to some day write a book about your adventure and God’s calling on your lives.
    Your Friend in Him,
    Connie Williams


    • Connie! We will be in town for church this weekend, and hope to see you. We had previously worked to get our POA in place, and have a very well trusted friend and professional who will help us with any documents while we are away. This is very wise counsel. Thanks for your prayerful support!


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