With many amazing stories of how God confirmed our calling, how He spoke through scripture, and how He timed everything perfectly, we are now ready to begin sharing with you His great work that is being accomplished in Uganda.  After departing the United States one week ago, we have started the process of settling into our new home.  It took some time, but we are finally getting along quite well, and even learning to sleep in the new environment that is strange to us.

We want to take time to thank all who signed up to pray during our journey, and to report back the goodness of God and how He blessed us through your prayers.  Isaac fared better than we could have possibly hoped, even sleeping for a solid 8 hours out of the 13 hour flight from Washington DC to Ethiopia!!  Thank you for your prayers!

Since we have arrived in Uganda, it took some time to get our data and internet service, so we regret not being able to communicate sooner.  Today we write to say that we are doing fine, and we are winning small battles every day.  We are pouring into our family during the first two weeks, wanting to make sure our children and home are well established before we begin diving into the work.  As much as we want to dive in, we also want to do what we can to ensure longevity by looking after our own health.  Our new daily prayer is for the health of our family while we establish new eating habits and routines.

Today I would like to share a major victory from the Team Sinkler home at Musana Camps, knowing that our friends and family have been concerned for us.  On this day, I have increased my hero-dad status with my wife and kids.  Staci and I were sitting down to our daily reading, finding God’s revelation in the last chapter of Nehemiah, when a bat came out of the rafters and began flying around madly in the main living area of the house.  I think it was looking for a way out, and could find none.  We ran out, and looked back to find where it finally came to rest.  After some deciphering of the best plan for dealing with our dilemma, we decided on the slingshot.  I fired two rounds into the corner of the high ceiling where we could see the beady little eyes and big ears peering down on us.  Those were the first two shots I have fired from a slingshot since I was 8, so I don’t even know where I was hitting.

Slingshot eliminated from possible weaponry, I turned for a broom handle.  I stealthily crept closer to my target, stacking a foot stool on top of a dining room chair to reach a heigh that was still a bit under the roost of the winged rat.  I knew this strike would take precision, impeccable timing, and I would have to keep all of it out of site until the instant of the thrust.  I reached with the tips of my toes from a very precarious position, and leaned into my attack.  The broom handle was delivered to the exact position desired.  With no way to tell if the small animal was able to duck into an unseen crevice, I repeatedly stabbed at the hollow dwelling.

We examined the damage, and still could tell little from our low vantage point.  We did not see any movement, so we hoped for the best.  Unsure of victory, we emptied half a can of “Doom” insect killing spray into the space, hoping that if the critter was alive, this would surely force him out.  Minutes later, a wounded and stunned adversary drunkenly happened out of his hiding place, and eventually fell to the dining room floor.  At this I found my final opportunity to impale him on my broom stick.

I climbed to the top of the dining room table and raised my broom stick, shouting “Victory” in a like manner as Mel Gibson’s Freedom call in Braveheart.  I am now keeping it’s dung in a container on the counter of my bathroom so that I can smear it on my face as war paint for future battles.  Let the bat nation beware, Team Sinkler has no fear.

10 thoughts on “Victory

  1. Love it! Great story bro ?! Glad you guys are safe and settling. Thankful for friends who are passionate about serving Jesus. Thanks for being an example!


  2. Oh my, you are a hero indeed, Batman! Now, when you slay one of those evil black mambas, you will be a SUPERhero! ?

    I’m still praising God for His grace to you in your travel, and will pray for your settling in and adapting.
    Love you all!


  3. Poor little guy. …he wasn’t used to having roomates. A spider I can understand. …but bats are my heros, they EAT those groas insects. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Bahahahaha! Well written Jarid! Creepy, disgusting and gross, but well written!! Thanks for saving our daughter and grand kiddos from that nasty beast!!!


  5. Oh, the adventures that await you all! 🙂 You are a hero! I remember one night as we were sleeping, we heard and felt a bat flying around out bedroom. It landed on the windowsill – Paul picked up a basket and put it over the bat and told me to go to bed: he would deal with it in the morning. That is my hero 🙂


  6. I can imagine your battle with the bat-HA!! I would not have went to bed that evening without him being dead!! I am happy to hear you and your family are save and settling in your new home. God Bless all of you!


  7. Way to go, Jaird. Our hero.
    And can I give you a little bit of advice? In the future, if you ever have the opportunity to go after one of those winged creatures with a tennis racket, DON’T!!! It makes an incredible mess.


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