Musana Community Clinic

The last couple of months have flown by at Musana Camps, and I’m very happy to be at Kasana (Head Office for New Hope Uganda) where we can reset a bit and take the time to provide an update.

Since our last post, we have struggled through some

Geoffrey Kanakulya – PA

health challenges for Staci.  At the end of September, she became very tired, and was also experiencing a fever.  It seemed that the symptoms were pointing toward Malaria.  We talked to the other families who have been here longer, and made use of a quick screen that just requires a few drops of blood from a finger tip.  Our results were negative.  After another day of worsening symptoms we decided to head to the Musana Community Clinic and visit our own Clinical Officer (PA Equivalent).  He performed a similar test, and this time it proved that she had indeed contracted Malaria.


As scary as it sounds, it’s one of the things that we studied before coming and knew that it would likely infect one or all of us at some point.  Staci started the three-day treatment, and started feeling better on the first day.  However, by the third day, the fever spiked to 105.  At the time she was supposed to be feeling back to normal, she was instead ever worsening.  The Clinical Officer made a house call, and decided to immediately change the treatment to an IV anti-malarial medication.  He taught Kaiya all about the process as he put in the cannula, and administered the medication.

Within three days of the IV treatment, she was feeling the symptoms of Malaria subside, but other illnesses started to present themselves.  It was apparent that she was suffering from some bacterial infection(s).  Once again the Clinical Officer was there for us, and helped to determine the best path forward.  After a battle of roughly three weeks, Staci was finally on her way to a full recovery.

For all of the house calls, all the visits to the clinic, for all the support through the process, and even for the drugs that were administered, our total bill at the Musana Community Clinic was $18.57.  Included in that price was our own donation because of the excellent care we received from our own clinic.  I think we will hold back from submitting a claim to insurance!

We are so thankful to have the clinic to support us during this trying time.  After opening in January of 2017, our small community clinic is one of our greatest strengths.  By providing excellent health care to a very remote, but size-able population, the clinic provides a platform to be able to share the gospel while meeting the physical needs of our neighbors.  Musana Community Clinic

Most commonly, treatments are provided for Malaria, Typhoid, Bilharzia, Brucellosis, Hepatitis B, Bacterial Infections, & STD’s.  Chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, skin diseases, fungal infections, respiratory infections, & pneumonia are also treated.

Treatment of a foot puncture.

Our greatest competition is the the Musawo Luganda, or local witch doctor.  We literally battle against idol worship, potions and concoctions, and even human sacrifice.  For generations the people have lived according to those beliefs, and even common colds are attributed to bewitching and curses.

Through all the examinations, treatments, and visitations, we work to live out the vision of Musana Camps: “To see men and women defined, transformed, and set free by God’s truth.”  Our Clinical Officer and Nurse are busy about God’s work, striving to achieve the concepts of James 2:14-16.

While the hands-on work of the clinic is handled by the Clinical Officer and Nurse, my job has been to administrate and steward the gifts that God has given us.  I am responsible to monitor the health and workload of our people.  Together, we work on the financial self-sustainability of the clinic.  Administration of this clinic could be a full time job in itself.  Please pray for knowledge and wisdom, and that I would continue to bring our plans into submission to God.  By His strength people will receive physical healing, and by His will they will come to a saving knowledge in Jesus who eternally heals.

One thought on “Musana Community Clinic

  1. Wow. I am so grateful that Staci is Ok! And it was inspiring to see how the clinic cared for her. I’m sure that made it all that more personal!
    I sure will be praying for Staci’s full recovery and that light would shine in the darkness. great letter and thanks for the update


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