He who finds his life will lose it (Update)

As a long overdue update, I want to share about our friend and brother Jamal.  As we had previously shared, Jamal was heading back to his family to see them for the first time in many years, and also to share his faith.

Jamal safely traveled home and back, so we are thankful to God that he has been returned to Musana Camps in good condition!  Jamal was so thankful for the assistance provided to help him to see his mother again.  As we have said, it had been many years.

Jamal reported that his mother was overjoyed, and sent her greetings to all of us.  She was not concerned at all about his religion, and the topic never did come up.  Jamal plans to return more often, so he felt that in this reunion it was best to cherish the time with her.

While at home, Jamal also saw his older brother and sister.  They both confronted him about his faith.  His sister kept giving him strange looks, and finally confronted him in private.  She told him that he was different, and that it was obvious that he was no longer one of them.  Jamal answered and praised God, telling her that in fact he was no longer of the Muslim faith.  She seemed to be okay with this, perhaps being happy enough to see him again.  Jamal stopped short of sharing his Christianity, believing again that it would be better at this time to allow an open door of return to see them again.

Jamal’s brother also confronted him, but this was more harsh.  His brother told him plainly that if he was to choose another faith, Jamal would be cut-off from the family and abandoned.  Once again, Jamal chose to accept this statement and simply told his brother that the message was understood.

While he travelled, Jamal had many more texts revealed to him, and he has continued to read his Bible.  He explained many of those revelations to me, and I have no doubt that God is speaking to him.  I believe that God is orchestrating a plan for Jamal to be an impact to his family.  Already we can see the boldness that God is developing in him.  I appreciate so much the courage he displayed in going there, and how he is approaching all of this by allowing the Spirit to move him.

Once he arrived back at Musana, we were able to share with him that a team from the USA had left a blanket for him as a gift.  He looked at the blanket and broke down in tears.  He then told us that he could not accept the blanket, as much as he appreciated and needed it.  Jamal explained that many people accuse the locals who are involved with Musana Camps.  What is said in the village is that people claim Christ and Christianity just to see what they can receive from the bazungu (white people) and ministry of Musana.  Jamal explained that in accepting this gift, he would ruin the testimony of Christ in his life.  He asked that we please give the gift to someone who is more in need, and doesn’t have the ability to earn the wages to buy a blanket of their own.

Once again, this man has challenged my faith.  I am so encouraged by him, and have been blessed to have seen the amazing work of God in his life.  Please continue to pray for Jamal.

6 thoughts on “He who finds his life will lose it (Update)

  1. Wow! I am speechless (good thing I’m typing) at what the Lord is doing in this man! His wisdom and discernment in how he reacted to his family is amazing and a moving testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit. I regret that I have not exercised such obedience at times in my life. Praise God that He has given me today to be obedient!
    God is good!!


  2. Oh that we (read I) would be more concerned for the testimony we carry of Christ to others! Such a deep blessing today! Praying for Jamal.


  3. One at a time, this seems to be the most effective way to reach others for Christ. Lots of time we want results now. Be patient, be consistent, be loving. Jamal has demonstrated that and may God bless him for that.


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