Faithful in trials

As you know from the previous post, Staci and I are making a journey through Exodus in our early mornings together.  Today, and as we usually do in this section of scripture, we marveled at the nation of Israel and their audacity to grumble against the Lord and Moses in the midst of their wandering in the desert.  God has sent plagues upon Egypt to convince pharaoh to let them go, but spared Israel from much of that.  God parted the Red Sea, literally creating walls of water on either side so they could pass through on dry ground.  God provided good water from a bitter source when there was nothing to drink.  God rained down heavenly bread when they complained of starvation.  Today, we read of how they grumbled and complained about lacking water, right after being miraculously fed!  Our first response is typically to wonder how these people could have had such small faith when they had witnessed such powerful miracles.

Today, the story read differently to me.  I am fully aware of the miracles I have seen God work in our lives.  I could wear out the keys on this keyboard before I could share with you the fullness of His faithfulness toward us.  I could talk about the miracles in Isaac’s health in the month leading up to us leaving for Uganda.  I could talk about the way my family company prepared me for this job, even without them knowing the roles they were playing.  I realize that I have seen amazing provision, and still I’m just as vulnerable to doubt God.

As would be typical of our previous life, we had a home that carried a large mortgage payment, but nothing unreasonable for our previous level of income.  As we prepared to move to Uganda, we had to make adjustments to leave that life of steady and generous income.  In February of 2017, that final switch was made that took us to our new life of dependence on donations.  For some reason the home mortgage didn’t adjust with us.  We had the home listed and trusted that God would work out the details.  In the hours before our flight departed, I used the Iphone (donated to me by my family company) in order to sign the documents to rent our home to new potential buyers.  At the last minute, God provided.

Our renters were such a blessing to us.  Now, as times and circumstances have changed, they have moved on from our home.  I can’t tell you enough how much they have helped us.  As good as that was, here we are again.  Fortunately, that previous life afforded us the ability to save some in case this situation presented itself.  We can survive for a while, but not for long.  So, here we sit.  God has brought us here.  We are at home in Uganda.  Our God has been faithful, and we trust that He will be faithful, again.  Still, at what point would I dare to complain, or to ask why?  For now I have peace, but what if this house refuses to sell for 4 months, 6 months… or longer?

I find myself in a new state of compassion for Israel.  God led them to a place, and the place had no water.  At least 1 million, maybe even 2 million people were in the desert where God had led them, and they had no water!  Two more days could be death to them, and they voiced their complaint.  I have months to go, and I don’t face death.  Still, when would I be tempted to complain or question?

I am so thankful that my faith is in the Lord, who stood on that firm rock with Moses and delivered the miraculous provision of plentiful water.  My God provided for His people, even when we could argue that they didn’t deserve it.  Even at death’s door, with anger in their hearts, God was faithful.  I trust that God will sell the home, but even if He takes this process out until I have nothing left and raise a voice to complain against Him, He loves me.  Grace and mercy are such rich blessings of faith in Him, far exceeding wealth and physical treasure in this life.

I’m sure as you talk to your friends and family, you will encounter tens or even hundreds of people who have dreamed to live in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Okay, the mountains may not be there, the big lakes may be far away, the rivers may be frozen most of the year, and the wind might never stop blowing.  However, the beauty of this place is in the hearts of the people.  I don’t know if it’s possible for you to have ever experienced community unless you’ve had the experience in a town like this one.  If you’re up for that kind of thing, there’s a beautiful home that is maybe the last remnant of the life we once lived… and it’s for sale.  We will continue to pray and trust that God will handle this according to His plan, but maybe that plan is you!

Check out the listing:  Sinkler House Listing

2 thoughts on “Faithful in trials

  1. Good Morning

    Read your new post, super nice!

    Open house on your home today Let’s hope a buyer shows up


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  2. Hey Jarid, we will certainly add the sale of your house to our list of homes others from our fellowship are trying to sell. As always, I appreciate your insight on what God reveals to you from your time in the Word. I couldn’t agree more that we are often like the Israelites in our questioning or doubting God. But the longer I live in being able to experience His faithfulness over the years, I find myself more and more walking and trusting Him by faith when faced with doubting and questioning. I certainly haven’t arrived in my trust of Him and likely never will until our journey on this earth is over. I am thankful that He remains faithful even when we are faithless – 2 Timothy 2:13. We continue to uphold you guys every Monday morning at corporate prayer. Blessings to you! Pastor Tim


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