How Far We’ve Come

After Kaiya’s incident last year, this song has new meaning to me. I can’t listen to it without reliving most of that crazy day.

The entire song is so applicable, but I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the second verse without tearing up.

“He takes our wreckage

Puts all the pieces back together

Breathing new life into the dust”

As I cried out for God to give me the strength and endurance to give breath to Kaiya, God graciously held the wreckage of our van together as we flew down that awful road.  It was surely Him breathing life into her, holding everything together.

Today, we are headed back to Musana Camps, hopeful that Kaiya (and the rest of us!) will enjoy a drama-free week.  I look back at this picture, and marvel at how far we’ve come. It was taken at the beginning of the whole ordeal, before the bad seizures started, but when her beautiful eyes held no promise of life behind them.  I know it looks like she’s gazing into her daddy’s eyes, but in fact, at this point, we were unable to garner any response from her.  I remember taking this picture, hoping, believing we’d look back and laugh some day.  In the moments that followed, I wasn’t certain I’d ever get to hear her laugh again.


But God.

“Oh God, how faithful you’ve been!”

My baby girl was spared that day and God delivered her.  I pray I will never forget His goodness, but that I’ll be found still praising His name, knowing HE holds the future, no matter the outcome.

2 thoughts on “How Far We’ve Come

  1. May God keep blessing your family it is always good to hear about what is going on with you

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  2. We join with you in thanking the Lord for His mercy upon you in this time of trial. In my chaplain role, I have had the opportunity to minister to a family who was not as fortunate as you were to still have your Kaiya with you. Though we know God holds all our lives in His hands and we as Christians are not exempt from tragedy, yet when God is merciful we can’t help but give thanks for sparing us such grief and heartache. Just prayed for you guys today at Monday prayer as we always do. We thank God for the Sinklers! Pastor Tim


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