Season of Change

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the States for only 3 months.  In many ways, it feels like it was a year ago that we boarded the plane in Entebbe in September.  Since landing, we have traveled over 8000 miles by car, passed through 10 different states (some of them more than once), and stayed in 17 different homes (some of those more than once).  I think you could call this a season of change.

But this furlough has become a season of change for a very different reason, one we did not anticipate when we left Uganda in September.   As the jet lag wore off and we began to process through the events of the last several months, we committed to walking in godly counsel and praying over our work in Uganda.  Just as the Lord led us to go to Uganda in 2017 through prayer and the Word of God, it is apparent that the Lord is now leading us to come home. We have walked closely with the missions committee of our sending church in Dickinson as we considered what God may have for us, and most importantly we feel like this direction has been established for us through our study of the Bible.

To that end, we will be settling back in Dickinson for the foreseeable future.  We do have some travel to complete and are looking forward to several days of down time in Florida to rest and continue processing through this transition.  We will have to go back to Uganda at the end of February to sell most of our belongings there and pack up the remaining items.   We will also have to say good bye to some close relationships that have grown through these three years.

As we told our church family this morning, we welcome any questions you may have about our decision and our journey thus far.  We still very much covet your prayers as we make this transition over the next few months.  It is not an easy decision, nor will it be an easy goodbye.

While it is a very difficult decision with many implications, we absolutely believe in God’s sovereignty over every aspect.  We have been amazed at the steadfast goodness of God and His favor toward us. We look forward to sharing more of what God has been teaching us through this process in the months to come.

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3 thoughts on “Season of Change

  1. I am sure your presence in Uganda will be missed by many of the people there who have grown to love your family… but you guys also have a huge family of love and support here. God knows what he’s got in store for you and its better than anything you can plan.


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